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College Football Fans Are Not Happy With Gary Danielson Today

CBS lead SEC analyst Gary Danielson

It's college football Saturday; you know what that means. Fans are upset with CBS commentator Gary Danielson. 

Danielson is on the call for this afternoon's Alabama vs. Arkansas game. 

The big news out of the game is that star quarterback Bryce Young has a shoulder injury. He may miss the rest of the game. 

Fans aren't too thrilled with how Danielson reacted to Young's injury. Some think he showed his love for Alabama a bit too strongly.

"Thanks y’all, now we get to listen to Gary danielson fill time for the next 2 hours by losing his s—t over how great this Alabama team is," said Alex Hipps.

"Gary is really struggling to not show his love for Bama today," wrote CousinShane.

"And Gary Danielson sounded like he was going to personally file a written complaint with @SECOfficiating. I mean... A lightning bolt could hit the hog on the 50 yard line and Gary wouldn't sound as shocked as he does when Alabama is called for a penalty," said Michael Cossey.

Others aren't too thrilled that Gary Danielson to diagnose Bryce Young with a rotator cuff injury. 

"Gary Danielson, MD misdiagnosing bad news again...#RollTide," wrote Joel Callins. 

Catch Gary Danielson on the call for the second half on CBS.