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College Football World Reacts To Controversial Wedding Question

Ambry Thomas helps hoist a trophy after Michigan's win over Michigan State.

ANN ARBOR, MI - NOVEMBER 16: Ambry Thomas #1 and teammate Christopher Hinton #15 of the Michigan Wolverines celebrate a win over the Michigan State Spartans at Michigan Stadium on November 16, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Michigan defeated Michigan State Spartans 44-10. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

An interesting question relating to college football and weddings was raised on FOX 2 NEWS in Michigan this week. 

During a segment between reporters Kellie Rowe, Ryan Ermanni and Derek Kevra, the three discussed whether it's appropriate to hold a wedding in the fall during the college football season. Rowe quickly made it clear that doing so is unacceptable.

Rowe recalled attending a wedding where she would spend the entire time checking her phone for score updates in the Michigan State game. The Spartans lost, so Rowe was glad to have open bar access.

But Ermanni might have had the best rationale at the table. Ermanni stated that for Michigan residents, scheduling a wedding on the Michigan-Michigan State game is a non-starter.

As for the wider college football world, they largely agreed with Rowe and Ermanni here. Some went so far as to suggest they might reconsider their friendships with someone who scheduled a wedding on a football Saturday:

Not every region of the country is going to be that passionate about it of course. In places like New York City, where there are no major college football teams, it's probably not as big of a deal. 

But in SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 territory, the entire fall is usually planned around the football season. 

So if you have friends in any of those regions or are diehard fans of any of those schools, maybe check their football calendars before scheduling your wedding.