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College Football World Reacts To Dirty Hit On Oklahoma Quarterback

Oklahoma quarterback Dillon Gabriel gets hit by a TCU defender while sliding.

The college football world is furious with the TCU defense for a dirty hit on Oklahoma quarterback Dillon Gabriel. 

In the midst of a blowout, TCU player Jamoi Hodge was ejected for an egregious hit on Gabriel. 

The Oklahoma quarterback escaped the pocket found some daylight before going through the sliding process. 

Hodge hits Gabriel up high in one of the dirtiest hits we have seen in some time. A video of the dirty play can be found on Twitter.

"This is probably the dirtiest hit we’ll see all season. Prayers up for Dillon Gabriel," wrote Owen Kidd.

"Jamoi Hodge with one of the dirtiest hits I’ve ever seen on Dillon Gabriel. Ridiculous," said Gabe Ikard.

"I tweeted about Dillon Gabriel losing to TCU and he just took an absolutely awful and illegal hit while trying to slide shortly afterward so just deleted that tweet, full disclosure Praying he’s alright. Ridiculous hit," said Christian Simmons. 

"That hit on Dillon Gabriel was incredibly scary. Incredibly scary," wrote Bob Przybylo.

"Whoa. Really hard hit on Dillon Gabriel. Hope he's OK. TCU LB Jamoi Hodge blasts him as he's sliding down. Hodge ejected for targeting," said Max Olson. 

We sure hope Dillon Gabriel is okay, especially after what transpired with Tua Tagovailoa during Thursday night's Dolphins vs. Bengals game. 

TCU, meanwhile, leads Oklahoma 41-17 at the half.