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College Football World Reacts To EA Sports Video Game News

ea sports ncaa football cover

The cover of EA Sports' NCAA Football 14 with Michigan's Denard Robinson.

EA Sports broke the internet last year when it announced that it would bring back a college football video game. 

Earlier this year, Extra Points with Matt Brown filed an Open Record Request regarding EA Sports' proposal to create a new college football video game. He discovered that the company is targeting July 2023 for its release month. 

On Tuesday, Brandon Marcello of 247Sports provided a few updates on EA Sports' College Football '24. 

Perhaps the most notable update is that College Football '24 is expected to run exclusively on next-gen consoles. This means fans will need an Xbox One or PlayStation 5 to play this game.

On one hand, there are people disappointed by this news. 

On the other hand, there are fans willing to spend on a next-gen console just so they can play EA Sports' College Football 24.  

"Go figure. Had a feeling that was gonna happen. Gonna have to buy a PS5 now," a fan tweeted.

"Looks like I'm getting the next gen console after all," another fan replied. 

Additional details about College Football '24 can be found here.

College Football '24 will be built on the same engine used for Madden 23. However, fans should expect a few tweaks to the game play. 

A cover athlete for the video game hasn't been announced yet.