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College Football World Reacts To The Ohio State Mascot Video

Brutus Buckeye running on the field with the Ohio State cheerleaders

Ohio State had quite a night in Columbus. The Buckeyes stomped the Wisconsin Badgers out of town in a 52-21 blowout. 

Unfortunately, Brutus the Buckeye didn't have the best night. 

During the game, Brutus was knocked on its butt during an activity in the end-zone this Saturday night. You can find the video on social media

That's a pretty big hit for a mascot to take. 

"Ohio State had a media timeout game featuring a hamster ball contest. Brutus Buckeye 'joined' to shove a player over in good fun… and then the next contestant hit Brutus hard enough to send the mascot into concussion protocol," said Reddit CFB, via Twitter.

"Brutus Buckeye has gone to the locker room with an apparent head injury. Was blindsided during an inflatable bubble ball game during a media timeout. Working to learn more on his condition," Braden Moles wrote.

"I haven't seen Brutus the Buckeye take a hit like that since," Matt Brown said on Twitter.

Quite the hit. 

Hopefully Brutus the Buckeye is okay.