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College Sports World Reacts To Major Transfer News

An NCAA logo on the court during the NCAA Tournament.

The NCAA is already operating under the most relaxed transfer rules it's ever had. But according to recent reports, the Division I Council is looking to relax these regulations even further.

The DI Council wants to get rid of the "one-time" portion of the NCAA's current one-time transfer rules.

Under this new set of rules, student-athletes would be able to transfer as many times as they want with immediate playing eligibility as long as they meet academic standards.

The college sports world took to Twitter to react to this recommendation.

"Horrific idea. You're going to compound the free agency dynamic that's already causing fan apathy. Combine it with NIL and players will be signing with new schools for more money every two days," one fan wrote.

"I would envision teams using contracts to tie players to school long-term. I think the way NIL has created such a recruiting mess, every player playing on essentially a one-year deal would be a hottttttttt mess," another added.

"With the transfer window this is probably best. Student athletes should have the same rights to school mobility as regular students. It won't ruin college sports. Also, with all the loopholes when was the last time a transfer actually sat out a year? Feels like it's been a while," another said.

What do you think of this controversial proposal?