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College Sports World Reacts To Viral SEC Baseball Fan

Auburn fan goes viral during the SEC Baseball Tournament this week.

Of all the college sports rivalries, few are as big year-round as Alabama vs. Auburn. But one fan took that to a new level during a recent SEC baseball game.

During Alabama's SEC Baseball Tournament game against Arkansas, ESPN interviewed a fan named Jeff who was wearing Tennessee Volunteers gear. The interviewer had learned that Jeff was actually an Auburn fan and asked him why he was wearing Tennessee gear.

In a response that has caused the clip to go viral, Jeff replied, "I just hate Alabama."

That clip now has nearly 200,000 views. But the replies and responses are full of people who support Jeff's movement. 

People are tired of the Crimson Tide too judging by the responses. Some said that he's embracing the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" idea with his wardrobe choice:

If Jeff was trying to hex Alabama at all with his uniform choice though, it didn't work. Alabama upset Arkansas in the game to advance to the Third Round.

The Crimson Tide actually have some of the strongest odds in NCAA to win the upcoming College World Series. 

As for Jeff's Auburn Tigers, they've already been eliminated from the SEC Baseball Tournament after falling to Kentucky earlier in the week. 

This might wind up being yet another chapter in the Alabama-Auburn rivalry where Alabama claims a big victory.