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Colts Owner Posts Awkward Tweet After Win Over Broncos

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 10: Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay reacts to applause during Dwight Freeney"u2019s induction in the team"u2019s Ring of Honor during halftime of the game against the Miami Dolphins at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 10, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)

Indianapolis Colts owner is and pretty much always has been a bit of a goof, and he doesn't mind showing that on his social media. But for the uninitiated, his awkward tweet about the Colts' big win over the Denver Broncos yesterday has some people confused.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Irsay had a rather interesting victory post about last night. He declared that last night's win over the Broncos was "as beautiful as Raquel Welch" and posted a screenshot of the famous actress from her role in the 1972 film Bluebeard.

There were so many things awkward about that post that it almost needs a bullet point list to go through them. Asides from the obvious thirst-posting about an actress 20 years his senior - including a big heart emoji too - the man clearly doesn't know how to crop images on his phone, as you can see from the border around the photo.

Needless to say, social media had a ton of wildly different reactions to that post. Some torched him over the cropping and obvious thirstiness while others wondered if Irsay was actually trying to insult Welch given that the game was so obviously terrible.

"I've never seen anyone call Raquel Welch ugly," one user replied.

"The owner of my favorite football team is insanely horny and can’t crop pics lmfao," wrote another.

"I love you Jim but that win was so ugly!" a third wrote.

That 12-9 Colts win drove all of us a bit crazy. Maybe we should cut the man some slack.