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NFL World Stunned By Cris Collinsworth’s Admission Tonight

This weekend’s Sunday Night Football matchup pits the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Russell Wilson-less Seattle Seahawks.

As is the case every Sunday night during football season, fans have taken to social media to weigh in on Cris Collinsworth’s performance in NBC’s booth.

Collinsworth is a broadcaster on national TV, so he’s always going to spark reactions in different directions.

Fans have taken to social media to weigh in on his performance during the Week 6 game between the Steelers and the Seahawks.

“I love when Al Michaels is out and Collinsworth doesn’t know what to do with himself so he just takes over the broadcast talking about how he doesn’t have a life,” Joey Mulinaro tweeted.

Collinsworth had a pretty stunning admission, too, revealing that he didn’t fully know how important Russell Wilson is to the Seahawks.

“I didn’t know (Russell Wilson) is quite so significant to this team, as he is proving to be…” he said on the air.

Fans are taken aback.

“Cris Collinsworth really just said he didn’t realize Russ meant so much to the Seahawks success until now. Where the f— he been for the last 5 years?” one fan wrote.

“To be fair ..he’s not Brady or Mahomes, so Collinsworth hasn’t really spent much time thinking about him,” another fan joked.

Wilson is expected to miss several weeks with a finger injury.

The Seahawks are trailing the Steelers, 14-7, early in the second half.

Correction: An earlier version of this post said Wilson injured his thumb. He injured his right middle finger.

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