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Dak Dakich Fires Back At ESPN's Mike Golic, Trey Wingo

espn college basketball analyst dan dakich


ESPN college basketball analyst and Indianapolis sports radio host Dan Dakich has fired back at Mike Golic and Trey Wingo on Twitter this morning.

Dakich was one of the people criticizing Andrew Luck for his shocking retirement from the NFL, calling it a soft move.

"Luck has a freaking ankle and a freaking shoulder...just tell us I made a ton of $$$$ and don’t love the sport.. Luck is full of ish and always has been," Dakich tweeted.

The former college basketball player/coach was highly criticized for his comments by many in the sports world.

ESPN's Trey Wingo and Mike Golic bashed Dakich on their show this morning.

"Clean your own backyard and deal with your own garbage before you come at someone else," Wingo said to Dakich this morning.

Dakich fired back at Golic and Wingo this morning.

Dakich is referencing his coaching tenure at Wests Virginia, which lasted just a week. Some called out Dakich for leaving that job so soon after he crushed Luck for retiring due to injuries.

The college basketball analyst isn't the only one catching heat for his Andrew Luck comments, either.

Doug Gottlieb is also getting crushed for what he's said.