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Dan Le Batard Rips FOX's Tom Brady Decision

Dan Le Batard talking about President Trump.

Earlier this week, Fox Sports signed Tom Brady on an earth-shattering broadcasting deal.

Once Brady's playing days are over, this 10-year contract will see the all-time great QB earn a record-setting $375 million as the network's lead NFL analyst.

This is a ridiculous amount of money for someone with zero broadcasting experience. There's no doubt that Fox is taking a gamble by throwing this much money at the seven-time Super Bowl champ.

During Wednesday's episode of "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz," Dan Le Batard blasted the network for what he feels is a rash decision.

“I want the audience to understand how absurd it is for anyone to get $375 million for something that no one has any proof. Tom Brady isn’t fun or interesting in front of a microphone. They just gave $375 million to somebody who’s never said anything interesting,” the former ESPN personality said.

“It’s not like Tom Brady’s agent just went to one person with this," he continued. "He got it up to $375 million, because money is being spilled all over the place with people in broadcasting fighting over all the white legends.”

How do you think Brady will do in the booth?