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There Are Conflicting Reports About When DeMarcus Cousins Will Be Healthy Enough To Play

demarcus cousins speaks to reporters with the pelicans

The Golden State Warriors agreed to a one-year, $5.3 million contract with DeMarcus Cousins last night. It was a move that caught the entire NBA off guard.

The next question for the Warriors is when will Cousins be able to return to the court and help them. He suffered a torn Achilles in January, which is an injury that isn't easy to recover from.

There are conflicting reports out there about when Cousins will come back. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski says he is hopeful to return by December or January.

However, Cousins himself told The Undefeated's Marc Spears that he is aiming to be ready by training camp.

“I’m looking forward to starting the season,” Cousins said. “That’s my own personal goal, so we’ll see what happens. That’s what I’m working on. The doctors haven’t really given me an answer because of the time I injured myself and the amount of time that I have.

“It’s basically open field because I have so much time. But for me, I’m shooting to be ready for training camp.”

Training camp seems like a bit of a stretch for Cousins. After all, that's a tough injury to bounce back from, especially for a big man.

The Warriors also have no incentive to rush him back. He's a luxury piece for them, and they can afford to make sure he is totally good-to-go before they use him in a game.