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Desmond Howard Reveals How College GameDay Has Changed The Most

ESPN's College GameDay crew

BRISTOL, TN - SEPTEMBER 10: ESPN's Desmond Howard, Rece Davis, David Pollack, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit on set during College Gameday prior to the game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Tennessee Volunteers at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 10, 2016 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)

ESPN's Desmond Howard has been an analyst on College GameDay since 2005, and during that decade and a half, he's seen more than a few changes to the weekly college football pregame show.

But in his recent interview with TheSpun, Howard was candid on a few aspects of the show that have changed through the years. With no small amount of laughter, he revealed that the length of the show is the main thing that comes to mind. It was once 90 minutes and now runs several hours.

The rise in popularity of the show is also something that sticks out in his mind. He believes that the growing fan support has allowed everyone to keep their same passion for the show over the years.

"What’s changed the most (laughs) has been the time," Howard told TheSpun. "It used to be a 90 minute show when I first started. The fan support has grown which is just fantastic. But other than that I think we’ve been able to keep the same type of passion for the sport. I think that’s why it’s been so consistent. Not only the passion for the sport, but the passion for our product."

Desmond Howard also addressed the big transition from Chris Fowler to Rece Davis as host in 2015. Howard believes that the change was seamless:

"We’ve (also) gone from one great host in Chris Fowler to another amazing host with Rece Davis. It’s like the Packers going from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers," Howard added.

College GameDay may have a different look to us fans on a year-to-year difference, but for the people who make it work, it seems like everything has been running like a well-oiled machine for decades.