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Dick Vitale Has A Problem With The College Basketball Schedule

Dick Vitale of ESPN.

Dick Vitale is adamant about one thing when it comes to the college basketball schedule.

The veteran broadcasting icon believes the college basketball season should start later in the year to avoid competing with "football fever."

"Tonight some strong hoops matchups as we have VILLANOVA vs MSU // ILLINOIS- UCLA // BAYLOR- VIRGINIA//my feeling games like this get lost due to the FOOTBALL FEVER . I’ve said that I feel the HOOPS season starts too early. It should begin after Thanksgiving!" Vitale wrote on Twitter.

This isn't the first time Dickie V has voiced this opinion. He first brought it up during his return to college basketball action earlier this week.

"I think college basketball does an injustice for itself starting the season so early. I really believe it should start right after Thanksgiving... people are football crazy now," he said during a Michigan State-Kentucky matchup on Tuesday.

With the NFL season in full swing and the college football year approaching postseason action, most of the sports world is focused on all things football.

Fortunately for college basketball, there's not too much competition tonight. The college football schedule features just two games this evening: South Florida vs. Tulsa and San Diego State vs. New Mexico.