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Dickie V Went To A Taylor Swift Concert And Absolutely Loved It

Dick Vitale with Taylor Swift and company.

During the college basketball season you'll find Dick Vitale in front of the camera on most nights. Whether breaking down the action, or providing the color commentary from a game, Dickie V is always busy.

When he has some time to himself he still loves being in front of the camera. Vitale takes to Periscope, Twitter, and Instagram to update his followers on the latest in the land of Dickie V.

Recently, Vitale took in a concert. The 79-year-old was in attendance for Taylor Swift's gig at Raymond Jones Stadium in Tampa Bay earlier this week.

Vitale took plenty of video.

Swift made Dickie V's "Prime-Time-Player" list for her performance.

Vitale didn't stop at just two videos though. The college basketball analyst posted

Yes @Taylorswift has crowd in AWE!#awesomebaby

A post shared by Dick Vitale (@dickiev_espn) on Aug 14, 2018 at 6:04pm PDT

">nine total videos to Instagram and a few photos with the star musician.

You won't find a more active nearly 80-year-old on social media channels than Dickie V. He's a legend.