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Doc Rivers Got Defensive On Wednesday: NBA World Reacts

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers reacting during a game.

DENVER, COLORADO - JANUARY 10: Head coach Doc Rivers of the Los Angeles Clippers works the sidelines against the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center on January 10, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

76ers head coach Doc Rivers is getting tired of the "3-1" talk.

With Philadelphia up just one game on the Raptors after taking a 3-0 series lead, Doc took aim at media members Wednesday for not telling the "whole story" when it comes to him:

My Orlando team was the eight-seed... no one gives me credit for getting up against the Pistons who won the title. ... I dare you to go back and look at that roster. And you would say, 'What a hell of a coaching job.'

The Clipper team that we lost 3-1... Chris Paul didn't play in the first two games, and was playing on one leg; and we didn't have homecourt. Then the last one, to me, is the one we blew. Now, it was in the bubble, and anything can happen in the bubble. ... Some of it is I've gotta do better always. ... Some of it, is circumstances happen.

NBA Twitter reacted to Rivers' comments. "Yeah we losing," commented a 76ers fan.

"Love him or hate him he is an all time coach," replied another user.

"Oh yeah we are *chefs kiss* cooked."

"He always gets defensive when u challenge him to actually be good," another said of Doc Rivers.

"Don't care, just win."

"Doc not mentioning those 3-2 leads he’s lost??" a fan asked. "Also his Orlando team didn’t lose to the 2004 Pistons who won it all, they lost in 2002 to a Pistons team that got swept by the Nets who went to the Finals."

"'It just happens,'" Bill Reiter quote-tweeted.

"Boy I’m tellin ya rn. This Doc Pack gonna have me in the clouds," tweeted a Sixers podcaster.

Doc Rivers is the only NBA coach to give up a 3-1 lead with multiple teams.