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Driver Involved In Terrifying Accident At Indy 500 Practice: Fans React

Colton Herta crashes during Indy 500 2022 Carb Day practice.

IndyCar driver Colton Herta was involved in a terrifying crash during Friday's practice for this weekend's Indy 500.

Herta lost control of his vehicle as he made a sharp turn, slamming into the track wall. His car then went airborne and flipped over.

Thankfully, Herta was able to walk away from the crash without any major injuries.

The racing world took to Twitter to react to this brutal wreck.

"Lucky escape... why these cars tend to get airborne so much??? that's a huge safety concern that's been there forever," one fan asked.

"The #Indy500 can be brutal. Even the practice sessions," another added.

Herta has already been released from the Indiana University Emergency Medical center after his post-crash evaluation.

Geoffrey Billows, the medical director for Indianapolis Motor Speedway, provided an update on Herta.

"He walked in on his own and had no complaints," Dr. Billows said, via IndyStar. "His initial concussion screening is clear." 

Herta himself also shared an encouraging update.

"It happened really fast," Herta said. "I’m fine. … I’d be fine going right back out there, but the car is destroyed."