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Erin Andrews Opens Up About Her High School Nickname

A closeup of Erin Andrews.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 19: Erin Andrews of Fox Sports on the sidelines before a game between the Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 19, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Erin Andrews is one of the most-accomplished and most-respected reporters in the industry. The veteran reporter will be on the sideline for Sunday's Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the 49ers. The 41-year-old reporter has overcome a lot throughout her career, including the terrifying 2009 stalking incident.

The veteran FOX reporter also overcame some harsh high school teasing.

Andrews opened up to HBO's Real Sports about her tough times in high school and her nickname "Manute."

"She was very tall. And she was very thin - she was always thin. Kids referred to her as 'Manute,' as in Manute Bol," her father told HBO.

Manute Bol was a 7-foot-7 NBA player, one of the tallest players in sports history.

"I would've liked to have been named MJ, or Scottie Pippen or something like that," Andrews joked. "But I got Manute."

"I didn't enjoy high school," Andrews said. "All I wanted to do was talk sports. Friday nights, when all of my girlfriends were at the movie theater with their boyfriends, I was at our friend's house down the street watching the Chicago Bulls."

Andrews' love of sports has certainly paid off now.

She'll be on the call for Sunday's Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. It kicks off at 6:30 p.m. E.T. on FOX.