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Erin Andrews Reveals Her Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 07: Sportscaster Erin Andrews looks on before the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams game at Lumen Field on October 07, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will flock to their respective tables with their favorite Thanksgiving foods on their plate.

There are plenty of controversial food opinions when it comes to Thanksgiving, but Erin Andrews has a legitimate take. She revealed her favorite and least favorite foods to eat on the holiday and the list isn't too much of a hot take.

She's a sucker for green bean casserole, but isn't in love with sweet potatoes - at least not with the marshmallow topping.

"I love green bean casserole. I love it and the crunchy onions need to be golden. Just a little crispy-crisp - a little burnt, maybe. And then worst, I don't do the whole sweet potato marshmallow kind of situation. Not my jam," she said.

What do you think of her choices?