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ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth Announces Major News On Instagram

Cassidy Hubbarth at the ESPYs.

ESPN NBA host Cassidy Hubbarth hasn't been on camera as much the past few months, and Wednesday, we learned why. Hubbarth has announced that she's given birth to her first child - a daughter.

Hubbarth announced the news on Instagram. She appears to have kept the pregnancy under wraps from the general public.

Hubbarth's post includes a photo of her from the ESPYS, where she says she was five months pregnant.

Hubbarth, for those wondering, noted on Twitter a few years ago that she is married. It's unclear if that's still the case.

Here's what the rising ESPN star had to say on Instagram:

"This is one of my favorite pictures from 2018 and not just because it’s always special to work the ESPYS Red Carpet show but I was also 5 months pregnant... and as I look at this picture today (as I’m feeding my daughter at 4am) I can’t help but think about how this was just the beginning of our journey together, taking on any challenges in our way (like 4 inch heels and 90 degree weather ?) and I’m just so filled with excitement, anticipation, blissful happiness and even fear as I think about our journey ahead and all the new beginnings, in this new year, as the new me, with her by my side. ❤️"

Here's the post:

Congratulations to Hubbarth on becoming a mother. Hopefully, she can get used to the 4:00 AM wake-ups.