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ESPN's Joe Lunardi Calls Out College Basketball Head Coach

Joe Lunardi speaking on ESPN.

Despite taking a seven-game winning streak into the SEC title game, Texas A&M is a No. 1 seed in the NIT instead of a March Madness participant.

Head coach Buzz Williams didn't hold back when expressing his disappointment in the seclusion. After defeating Alcorn State in the NIT's opening round, he issued a prepared statement blasting the selection committee's decision.

"After studying all of this non-stop the last two days and looking at it from every vantage point, it defies logic that we're not in the NCAA tournament," Williams said.

Williams added that he asked for an explanation, but only received "generalities" rather than data-driven evidence. He also shared his detailed research that he believes points to Texas A&M as a deserving tournament squad. "Without logical reasoning behind the decision, while knowing I still must explain this to our guys and their families, it has caused me to lose all respect and faith in the system and those that are in it. What has transpired is wrong." His harsh criticism didn't sit well with Joe Lunardi. "Love Buzz. Love Gig ‘Em. This is still wrong on many levels," Lunardi said on Twitter. "It’s terrible P.R., for one, and it sorely misrepresents a necessarily imperfect process. Shame on A&M for sanctioning. Where is the adult in the room? What’s the upside?"

Williams has a valid gripe. Despite enduring an eight-game losing streak during the season, Texas A&M ranks higher than Notre Dame and Rutgers in the men's net rankings and KenPom efficiency ratings. The Aggies also defeated the Fighting Irish, 73-67, in November.

However, calling the system "broken" might have been over the top. It's impossible to accommodate every school, so there's always going to be a tough cut left outside the bubble.

Texas A&M may not even be the biggest snub. Oklahoma has the highest net ranking and KenPom rating of all teams not invited to the tournament.