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Everyone's Saying Same Thing About Alabama vs. Texas A&M

Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban embrace ahead of Alabama at Texas A&M.

With the No. 1 and No. 2 recruiting classes in 2022, the matchup between Texas A&M and Alabama was already one college football fans had marked off on their calendars.

But with Thursday's drama between head coaches Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban, the draw of that October 8 matchup in Tuscaloosa just grew 10 fold.

On Wednesday, Saban said Fisher and the Aggies "bought" their No. 1 recruiting class under the NCAA's new NIL rules. Fisher clapped back on Thursday with an all-time rant against the Alabama head coach.

Fans can't wait for these two coaches to face off later this season.

Even Jimbo Fisher himself says he's looking forward to this matchup.

"It will be fun won't it?" he said on Thursday. "I don't mind confrontation. I've lived with it my whole life. I kind of like it myself. Backing away from it wasn't how I was raised."

Get ready for the fireworks on October 8.