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Everyone's Saying Same Thing About Dan Snyder Tonight

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder looks on at FedEx Field.

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 07: Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder looks on before the New England Patriots play the Washington Redskins during an preseason NFL game at FedExField on August 7, 2014 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The latest allegations made against the Washington Commanders might be the nail in the coffin for Dan Snyder.

New allegations state the Commanders were withholding ticket sales revenue from visiting teams. Teams are required to share 40 percent of ticket sales revenue with opponents. Washington allegedly schemed teams out of some of the revenue.

It's unclear how long the scheme allegedly ran or who allegedly organized it. Regardless, if true, this has to be the end of Dan Snyder in D.C., right?

That's what everyone is saying on Twitter right now.

"If this doesn’t do Dan Snyder in, nothing will," Andrew G. Haubner tweeted.

"Once an NFL owner loses the other NFL owners, he’s done. Dan Snyder stealing money from the other owners - more than the workplace-misconduct scandal and every other controversy - is the kind of thing that could truly make him done. #Commanders," Al Galdi wrote.

"Dan Snyder is not long for this league. And you can put that in all caps," Dave Zirin said.

"I can’t even focus on this game. I need this story to be true. Dan Snyder stealing from the other owners could be it for him. I need it to be real. I’ll never ask for anything ever again @god," Eric Nathan commented.

"The Dan Snyder scam doc is going to be so damn good," B.W. Carlin said.

Could this be it for Dan Snyder? We've thought that before and the NFL has done nothing.

However, this time he's potentially impacted other NFL owners. That could be the domino that needs to fall.