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Everyone's Wondering About Joe Buck, Troy Aikman Tonight

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck on FOX.


ESPN's 'Monday Night Football' is currently taking place - even though it's a Thursday night.

The Chicago Bears are on the field against the Seattle Seahawks in the second preseason game for each team. While the play on the field has most of the football world's attention is on the game, a few fans have the same question.

Where are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman? 

"Not getting Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for a “Monday Night Football” broadcast is a troll," one fan said.

"So Buck and Aikman make all that money from ESPN and they can't even do the preseason game," said another fan.

Well, according to a report from Pro Football Talk, Buck and Aikman are, in fact, in Seattle - but they're doing a rehearsal.

"We're told Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are in Seattle, doing a rehearsal. Which makes sense. After 20 years together, they probably need a tune-up before they debut with ESPN," Pro Football Talk joked.

Fans were hoping to see ESPN roll out their new lucrative broadcasting pairing.

They'll have to wait a bit longer before hearing Buck and Aikman call their first regular season game for the Worldwide Leader. 

The duo will be on the call when the Seattle Seahawks host Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos on Monday, September 12.