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Ex-NBA Star's Comment On Michael Jordan Goes Viral

A solo shot of Michael Jordan on the court for the Chicago Bulls.

1988: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls rests on the court during a game. Copyright 2001 NBAE Mandatory Credit: Mike Powelll/Allsport

A former NBA point guard doesn't believe the legendary Michael Jordan would be as good if he played in today's game.

Jason Williams, known by many as "White Chocolate," doesn't believe that Jordan would be as dominant in today's era of basketball.

“Obviously, he’s going to be great,” Williams said. “I mean, don’t get me wrong. But I think it would be a little harder for him now because like you said the defenses have changed, and now he’s going to have three guys on the same side of the floor when he has the ball on the wing, whereas back in the day you just had one guy.

“Anybody in the NBA is going to beat anybody one on one, let alone Michael Jordan. I think he’d be great, be an All-Star for sure, but not the Michael Jordan that he was back then if that’s fair to say.”

It's fair to wonder how Jordan would fare in today's NBA, but in all likelihood, he would be just as great as he was back then.

How do you see M.J. faring in today's NBA?