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Fans Are Surprised By Jon Gruden, College Football Job Rumor

A closeup of Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden wearing a black visor.

GLENDALE, ARIZONA - NOVEMBER 18: Head coach Jon Gruden of the Oakland Raiders looks on prior to the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on November 18, 2018 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

It appears Jon Gruden could be working his way back into coaching following his short-lived return to the Raiders.

Per JP Peterson of

"I spoke with 2 people very close to the [USF Football] program and also friends with Jon Gruden and I can confirm Gruden definitely has interest in the USF job. Gruden is very close to many USF boosters." Noting, "Obviously there are many hurdles to overcome politically."

Fans were surprised by Gruden's potential jump to the college football ranks on social media.

"Why does anyone think Gruden would be a good college coach?" one user asked. "His ego is so big, with NIL and recruiting, I don’t see him being successful at all. Plus his playbook is so complex and it’s not great for todays college game."

"Lol no," another replied.

"Look, I'm enjoying seeing USF crash and burn, but this would be a disaster. The reasoning for his firing aside, Gruden can't develop young talent. His most successful [teams were] full of veteran talent. Signed, a Bucs fan."

"I can only imagine Gruden scouring through the transfer portal determined to only recruit 5th and 6th-year seniors," another tweeted.

Gruden reportedly received a contract offer from Arkansas during his days at ESPN but hasn't coached at the NCAA level since his days as an assistant with Pitt back in the early 90s.