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Fans Furious With College Football Officials For What They Did Today

NFL referee yellow flag

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Fans in greater West Lafayette cannot believe what officials just did to them in Saturday's game.

Up 14-3 on Northwestern, Boilermakers linebacker Jalen Graham picked off a pass in the Wildcats territory for a walk-in pick-six. However, it was called back because referees felt his high-step into the endzone went too far.

The unsportsmanlike conduct call took points off the board and set Purdue back 15 yards from the spot of the foul.

Here's a look at how fans on social media reacted to the call:

"WACK," a user replied in all-caps.

"Are you serious?" another asked. "Wow."

"No f---ing way they called this," another said. "This some bs."

"S--- like this ruins the sport more than NIL or the Transfer Portal."

"Garbage penalty."

"This is absolutely pathetic!" another tweeted.

How are you feeling about the Big Ten officials call?