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Football Fans Furious With Amazon After Tua Tagovailoa Injury

On Thursday night, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was stretchered off the field after a brutal hit.

He was slammed to the turf by a Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman, which caused him to be knocked unconscious. After laying on the field surrounding by medical personnel for several minutes, he was stretchered off.

While he was on the ground, Amazon decided to keep showing replays of the hit. Fans weren't thrilled with the decision to keep showing Tua get knocked unconscious.

"The discussion from Michaels and Herbstreit has been OK and credit to them for quoting a doctor rather than speculating. But Amazon needs to answer for the decision to show the replay so many times. Felt gratuitous and invasive and unnecessary," reporter Lindsay Jones said.

"Amazon didn’t need to zoom in and replay it in slow motion. Just an amazing amount of insensitivity from so many people," another fan said.

"Why the hell would you replay this man laying on the ground like that…prayers up tua," said another.

The Dolphins announced Tua has been ruled out for the rest of the game with head and neck injuries. He was also transported to a local hospital.

Our thoughts are with Tua as he recovers from what looked to be a significant head injury.