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Football World Furious With NFL Coach's Suspension

General shot of the new Jets helmets at MetLife Stadium.

An NFL assistant coach has been suspended indefinitely. But the reason behind the suspension has fans up in arms.

New York Jets receivers coach Miles Austin was suspended this week for a minimum of one year for violating the league policy on "personnel gambling." According to reports, there is no evidence that he bet on NFL games, but instead bet on other sports. 

When news that Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley was being suspended for a year for betting on NFL games, there was at least precedent for it since betting on NFL games opens the potential for trying to alter their outcomes. No such issue exists for betting on other sports.

Nevertheless, it violates NFL policy and Austin intends to appeal the suspension.

The wider NFL world is furious that such a rule exists. Most find it especially hypocritical of the NFL to have such a rule since the league has numerous gambling outlets as major sponsors:

There is no justification for such a rule like this to be on the NFL books. Not through any "slippery slope" argument and certainly not with sports gambling being normalized as it is today.

We can only hope that Austin is able to win his appeal and that the renewed attention to this very dated rule leads to its repeal.