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Football World Reacts To Disturbing Bowl Game Field Video

Bowl game turf.


For the second straight year, the Holiday Bowl was contested at the Petco Park baseball stadium in San Diego. But while the game went off relatively smoothly, there was a revelation that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Prior to the game, a video surfaced showed visible gaps where the artificial turf had been set down on top of the baseball field. The gaps were so wide that you could actually see under the turf.

Worse still, those gaps were inside the playing area along the sidelines. Any player making a sideline play could have suffered a serious injury and everyone recognizes that.

Fans on Twitter have been complaining for hours about the poor conditions of the turf at Petco Park. Many believe that this is further evidence that football games can no longer be played at baseball stadiums while others believe it's a good reason for top college players to continue opting out of bowl games:

For years there's been a heated debate over whether it's appropriate for top college football players to opt out before their bowl games. 

But if bowl game organizers are going to put such little effort into making the fields playable, what choice do players have?

Any risk of injury from field conditions are too much for some players. 

Should the NCAA place tougher standards on baseball stadiums that host college football games? Should it do away with those kinds of games altogether?