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Football World Reacts To Ohio State Athletic Director's Message

NIL has altered the college football landscape in a big way.

On Thursday, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith released a statement welcoming "your help in keeping Ohio State at the top of the college athletics landscape."

The statement included links to donation pages for three NIL collectives.

The football world took to Twitter to react to this plea for extra cash.

"If an athletic department like Ohio State is resorting to begging the biggest fanbase in college football to donate to NIL collectives, I can’t imagine a bigger sign that this current market isn’t sustainable in a fashion anywhere near its current form," one fan wrote.

"If I send my bread and y’all don’t bring me a 5 star safety I need a refund," another added.

"I don't even understand how one of the richest universities in the nation needs to beg for donations," another said.

Ohio State is consistently one of the top programs in the nation. In order to stay that way, it appears they'll need some more cash rolling in.

The Buckeyes will face off against the No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs in the Peach Bowl on New Year's Eve.