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George Pickens Doubles Down After Criticism Following Sideline Outburst

Steelers rookie wideout George Pickens believes his sideline outburst, in which he told Pittsburgh coaches to "get me the f---ing ball," is being blown way out of proportion.

Speaking to the media Wednesday, Pickens briefly spoke on what went down this past Sunday.

"Don't try to make something it's not, cause every player, literally every receiver in the past before - you got T.O. - I can name so many names. It's just what you want to make it out to be," the former Bulldog said via ESPN's Brooke Pryor.

Adding, "I feel like every player got that in him, it is just what you record." 

Pickens has reportedly grown increasingly frustrated with his lack of targets. In Week 13's game against the Falcons, the Steelers only looked his way twice, connecting on just one pass for two yards.

Coach Mike Tomlin didn't seem overly concerned with Pickens' passionate display. Saying: "I'd rather say whoa than sic 'em. I want a guy that wants to be a significant part of what it is we do … the mature way to express that, we’re working on. That competitive spirit of a guy that wants the ball, I want that guy."

Winners of three of their last four, look for Pittsburgh to find a way to get the ball into one of their most exciting playmaker's hands more.