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Gisele Is Reportedly Feeling Different After Tom Brady Divorce

Gisele Bundchen at the Thalia Book Store.

HAMBURG, GERMANY - APRIL 03: Gisele Bundchen during her visit of Thalia Book Store on April 3, 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. (Photo by Tristar Media/Getty Images)

In October, Gisele Bundchen finalized her divorce with NFL quarterback Tom Brady. Although that probably wasn't an easy situation for all parties involved, the latest update on the 42-year-old model is telling. 

According to People, Bundchen has "newfound energy" since her divorce with Brady. 

Bundchen is also "super charged" about what's to come in her career. However, it's unknown what's next for her. 

From People:

"She feels a sense of renewal with newfound energy and a happy future outlook," the source says. "Her life was in flux for so long and now it is more settled. She is optimistic."

Earlier this month, Bundchen was working out in Costa Rica with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente.

Bundchen also made headlines this January by starring in a campaign for Louis Vuitton. 

Bundchen and Brady have two children together, Benjamin and Vivian. They'll be co-parenting for the foreseeable future. 

It has been reported several times that Bundchen is focused on her kids, her health and her career.