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Golf World Excited For Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson

Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson special match

LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 23: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson walk during The Match: Tiger vs Phil at Shadow Creek Golf Course on November 23, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for The Match)

It sounds like we could get both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson competing in the U.S. Open later this year.

According to reports, both Woods and Mickelson have filed official entries for the U.S. Open, which takes place in June.

That doesn't mean Woods and Mickelson are 100 percent playing, but they appear to be planning on trying.

We saw Woods at The Masters, though Mickelson didn't compete.

Golf fans are excited about the possibility of a Woods-Mickelson pairing at the U.S. Open. Give us what we want, USGA.

"If they are not paired up in the first round we RIOT!!!!!" one fan joked.

"I don’t know for sure about Phil, but I’m pretty confident that Tiger can afford to wait past the deadline to withdraw and give up his entry fee…" another fan joked.

"LFG! HEADING TO BROOKLINE!" one fan added.

The 2022 U.S. Open is set to take place from Thursday, June 16 through Sunday, June 19.