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Golf World Reacts To Violent U.S. Open Putter Toss

We've all thought about this before. During Sunday's final round at the U.S. Open, a frustrated Grayson Murray triple-bogeyed and chucked his putter into the long stuff.

Already 8-over, Murray clearly had enough.

Golf fans reacted to the putter toss on social media.

"Yikes maybe not do that at the U.S. Open," one user said.

"When she can’t go out because 'it’s a school night.'”

"What an idiot," another commented.

"I like when I see pro golfers do something I’ve done on the course before. Not anymore but In my younger days," a viewer laughed.

"Golf is a humbling game," tweeted Rex Chapman.

"When the clubhouse TVs have CNN on."

"Been there, man," replied WFNY's Scott Sargent.

"Tremendous form," said Adam Kramer. "Not his first rodeo."

"I hope the caddie left it there."

"Kevin Na from his couch."

They say a bad day of golf is always better than a good day at work... there's no escaping for Grayson Murray in this case.