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Golf World Reacts To What Paige Spiranac Said About Tiger Woods

Paige Spiranac on social media.


Tiger Woods was playing through some serious pain on Saturday in Round 3 of the PGA Championship.

While Woods was able to make it through the round, he decided to withdraw from the tournament. Woods will not be playing on Sunday.

The golf world was in pain watching Woods.

"It’s hard watching Tiger be in so much pain. The fight he has to get through this round is incredible," Paige Spiranac tweeted.

Many fans agreed with the former professional golfer turned sports media personality.

"I don’t know how he gets up and does it again tomorrow. Contending got him to start Round 1. Making the cut got him to start Round 2. Chasing the lead got him to start today. What do you say to yourself to get out of bed when you’re eliminated from contention AND in so much pain?" one fan tweeted.

"i hate to say it...but the leg might be giving out to the point he cant get through 72 holes of tour golf anymore. we all want tiger to do amazing stuff...but the bod just cant take it. he's got nothin left to prove to anyone if you ask me tho...he's done more than enough," another fan added.

"Yes. He definitely was hurting and I really felt badly for him as I have neuropathy and drop foot which really makes it hard to play golf. I get to ride in a cart and can skip a hike or 2 if my pain gets too much for me," one fan pointed out.

Hopefully we'll see Woods in less pain at the US Open or Open Championship later this summer.