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Greg Norman Getting Crushed For What He Said About PGA Tour

Greg Norman on the golf course.

NAPLES, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 12: Greg Norman looks on after during the final round of the QBE Shootout at Tiburon Golf Club on December 12, 2021 in Naples, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Greg Norman has gotten himself into some hot water with his recent comments about the PGA TOUR.

Norman, who was recently appointed as commissioner of the new Saudi Super Golf League, called out his former professional home for "egregious acts of bullying" in its attempts to discourage PGA TOUR players from negotiating with the government of Saudi Arabia's new league.

Fans and analyst from around the golfing world were quick to point out the obvious irony and hypocrisy in these statements.

"Saudi Arabia has an atrocious record on human rights -- as Phil Mickelson so eloquently articulated. From show trials, to a lack of free speech, to overall mistreatment of women, torture, executions and banning independent human rights organizations, the country isn't exactly known as a champion of freedom," Ryan Phillips of The Big Lead wrote.

"The fact that Norman would complain about the PGA bullying people while openly associating himself with the Saudis is just incredibly tone deaf."

Norman and the Super Golf League have attempted to draw in countless members of the PGA TOUR elite with massive sums of money. In response, the PGA has threatened to ban all players who decide to join the Saudi-backed league.

Despite initial worry that the PGA would lose some of its top talent, many have since pledged their intentions to stick with the tour.

Earlier this week, Phil Mickelson found himself facing similar backlash for comments about the PGA TOUR. He's since apologized for those "reckless" statements.