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Group Takes Responsibility For 'Defund NASCAR' Banner At Talladega

Confederate flags are flown at NASCAR event.

SPARTA, KY - JULY 11: A view of American and Confederate flags seen flying over the infield during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Quaker State 400 presented by Advance Auto Parts at Kentucky Speedway on July 11, 2015 in Sparta, Kentucky. (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

Over the weekend, a banner that said "Defund NASCAR" was flown over Talladega Superspeedway. It turns out the people who were responsible for this banner have taken responsibility for their actions.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, a Tennessee-based group, has admitted to hiring a plane to fly this message over the track on Sunday. Obviously this move was their response to NASCAR banning Confederate flags at race tracks.

Additionally, the message that was flown over the track also featured a Confederate flag. Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans told the media that they find NASCAR's recent ban to be "unconstitutional."

NASCAR has done its part over the last month to make sure its inclusive, but in the process the sport has received backlash from plenty of fans.

Bubba Wallace led the charge to remove Confederate flags from future events.

"No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race," Wallace said. "So it starts with Confederate flags. Get them out of here. They have no place for them."

Tensions are running high for many people at the moment, not just those involved with NASCAR. Nonetheless, the sport's decision to remove Confederate flags is a wise move.

Eventually the focus will be on the actual races that are taking place on the track. Right now though, NASCAR is taking care of much bigger problems.