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Here It Is: The Worst Call You'll Ever See In A Sporting Event

A terrible call at a baseball game.

Officiating the game of baseball isn't always easy. The introduction of video replay into the game has saved several umpires from looking like fools.

Well, video replay would have been nice on this play. No, it's not Major League Baseball, but it is the MLB.

In the first inning of a Mexican League Baseball game between México and Laguna, two different officials missed a call. The game, played earlier this week, was the last the officials would ref for the rest of the season.

Here's video of the play. Before we pass judgement, have a look.

This is easily one of the worst calls we've ever seen. We won't say it's the worst, because we still remember the time Armando Galarraga had a perfect game going and Jim Joyce.

However, it is a truly terrible call. Not only is the ball straight down the middle, the batter swung and missed. Yet a ball was called.

Not great.