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Here's How Many Hot Dogs Joey Chestnut Ate Today

Fans of the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest got to see Joey Chestnut once again dominate en route to his record 15th title. 

Chestnut had a handicap going into the 2022 competition. He had an injured foot and had to use crutches going to and from the stage. That didn't faze him at all though. 

By mid-way through the competition, Chestnut was leading the field by double-digits. He could have stopped with several minutes to spare and still won comfortably. But he kept going.

In the end, it wasn't a record-breaking performance for Chestnut. But with 63 hot dogs downed, he decimated the competition:

Fans on Twitter are already calling this performance Joey Chestnut's "Flu Game" in reference to Michael Jordan's iconic flu game during the NBA playoffs. 

Even so, it was still a step back from the record-setting 76 hot dogs he ate in 2021. Maybe the injury hindered his ability to pace himself in the same way.

But ultimately it was the win, not the total that people will look back on.

With 15 wins in the competition he has won his signature event more than some of the greatest athletes in sports history. And at 38 years old, he can probably keep going for a long time.

Congrats on the big win, Joey. And a happy 4th of July to everyone who watched him make history.