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There Are Only 16 Perfect Brackets Left In The World After The First Round Of The 2019 NCAA Tournament

Dan Lyons' bracket.

The First Round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament is complete, and as you'd imagine, there aren't too many people who correctly predicted every game. In fact, we're down to just a handful in each of the major bracket challenges.

On ESPN's Bracket Challenge leaderboard, you can see that just nine people still have perfect brackets. Four of them have Duke winning while two of them have Virginia winning. Tennessee, Michigan and Florida State are the other champions in play.

According to the NCAA, there are 16 brackets in the world total left perfect. They're tracking six major challenges - ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated and their own.

As a reminder, there are 63 games in a 64-team tournament. With so few perfect brackets remaining, it seems virtually impossible that somebody is going to pull off the unthinkable this year.

There were a number of big upsets on Friday that saw the field dwindle. No. 13 UC Irvine took down No. 4 Kansas State, while No. 12 Oregon crushed No. 5 Wisconsin. No. 12 Liberty also knocked off No. 5 Mississippi State.

There will be eight more games played Saturday and eight more games played Sunday.

As a reminder, nobody, at least that we know of, has made it out of the first weekend with a perfect bracket. We'll see if that changes in the next 48 hours.