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There Are 2 Perfect Brackets Left In The Entire World

Matt Lombardi's bracket.

Saturday, ahead of the night games, there were only a handful of perfect brackets left in the world - and only one on ESPN's Bracket Challenge. Sunday morning, there are only two left.

According to the NCAA, these two brackets are now tied for the longest-perfect brackets ever. Before this year, the furthest anyone had gotten was 39 straight correct picks. Both of the brackets still left in play are an amazing 40/40.

Neither bracket is on ESPN's Bracket Challenge. One is on the NCAA's bracket pool, while the other is on Yahoo's.

Center Road on the NCAA's challenge has Gonzaga over Kentucky in the national title game. Court Stormers on Yahoo's version has Tennessee over Michigan State.

Regarding today's picks, the two brackets agree on seven of the eight games. They're both picking Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Houston and Oregon. The only game they differ on is Texas Tech vs. Buffalo.

As a reminder, nobody has ever turned in a perfect bracket - and the odds of it happening during your lifetime are slim to none. Still, anything is possible.

We'll keep you updated on whether either person is able to pull off the impossible.