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Hunter Renfrow Shares His Initial Impressions Of Davante Adams

Hunter Renfrow lines up at wide receiver for the Raiders.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Hunter Renfrow #13 of the Oakland Raiders during their NFL preseason game at RingCentral Coliseum on August 10, 2019 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images)

With All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams joining the Las Vegas Raiders, Hunter Renfrow now has one of the best receiving partners in the NFL. But how does he feel about his new teammate in the WRs room?

Speaking to the media this week, Renfrow spoke glowingly about Adams. He said he likes how Adams conducts himself in practice and in meetings. Renfrow appears to be looking forward to the Raiders benefiting from the double-coverages Adams will draw.

“It starts in practice, just watching him, how he works, watching how he sets people up,” Renfrow said. “In the meeting room, talking to him [about] how he maneuvers guys, how he sees the game... When you look at a defense, they have five or six in coverage a lot of times. And so if they’re going to double one or the other, then just by math-wise, you’re going to have a little more single coverage.

“I think Davante, Darren (Waller), Demarcus (Robinson), and all those guys are incredible players. You’re going to have to respect them. you’re going to have to put two on them at times. So it could open up some plays for me, Josh (Jacobs) — whoever is left. So, I’m excited.”

Hunter Renfrow, the Raiders organization and the entire Raiders fanbase have good reason to be so excited for having Davante Adams.

The former Packer is coming off five straight Pro Bowls and back-to-back First-Team All-Pro campaigns. In eight seasons Adams over 8,000 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns.

Suffice it to say, he's one of the finest receivers the Raiders have brought into the fold in quite some time.

Will Hunter Renfrow and Davante Adams make the Pro Bowl as teammates in 2022?