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NFL Owner Blasts Reporter For "Appalling" Tweet About Player

A general view of the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium.

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced this evening that cornerback Jalen Ramsey has left the team to be with his family, as he prepares for the birth of his second child.

"Months ago in the offseason, Jalen notified me that he was expecting the birth of his second child in late September," head coach Doug Marrone announced.

"We spoke about this recently and again after practice and decided that it was best for Jalen to fly to Nashville tonight after meetings to be with family during the birth of their daughter. He will return to the team when he's ready, and we will provide an update at that time."

Earlier this week, Ramsey missed time because he was sick and had a sore back. He's also requested a trade.

A local Jacksonville sports columnist questioned the timing of Ramsey's departure on Twitter.

"How much more of a fiasco can this Jaguars vs. Ramsey become? I'm all for anybody getting time off for the birth of their child, but is Jalen's girlfriend actually in labor? Or is this just a convenient excuse for Ramsey to be out of the team's crosshairs for a week or more?" he tweeted.

Tony Khan, the co-owner of the Jaguars, responded harshly:

"That is an appalling tweet, Gene. That is way out of line. You have no business questioning someone’s family," he tweeted.

Ramsey's agent, meanwhile, thanked the Jaguars for letting his client be with his family during an important time.

The Jaguars are 1-2 and set to play at Denver on Sunday.

It's unclear if Ramsey will be playing in that game.