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Jason Whitlock Trending For What He Said About School Shooting

Jason Whitlock ranting on Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns.

Former sports columnist and current talking head Jason Whitlock made headlines this morning with a controversial message following a shooting at a Texas elementary school that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

"Our culture has moved such a negative direction in the last decade, I'm not sure first responders would run up in the World Trade Towers today," he said. "Cultural rot has consequences. When you make heroes of people who contribute nothing and demonize those who risk everything."

Of course, the timing and incentive nature of his comments caught the attention of the masses. Whitlock severely missed the point, something that has been pointed out on social media.

"This is what happens when you feel the need to comment on everything, regardless of your skill set, but actually have nothing meaningful to say," professor Dr. Jason Johnson said.

"The greatest cultural rot is anything that comes out of Jason Whitlock's mouth," another person said.

"In college I once had to transcribe an interview with Jason Whitlock and lemme tell you it was not worth $50," another person said.

"Garbage take. You don’t do something heroic for the rewards. Heroism is selfless. You do heroic things because they need to be done, not because they come with rewards," another said.

Whitlock's take is not settling well with those in the sports world.