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Jay Bilas' Bracket Is In The 14th Percentile On ESPN's Bracket Challenge

Jay Bilas breaks down 2019 college basketball favorites.

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas knows more than anyone when it comes to college basketball, but that doesn't always translate when it comes to picking teams in the NCAA Tournament. That's never been more evident than this year.

Bilas has one of the "featured" brackets on ESPN's Bracket Challenge this year, and to say he's doing poorly would be an understatement. Bilas is in the 14th percentile for all brackets in the world.

His rank is 14.8 million out of 17.2 million.

It's important to note that Bilas' picks didn't exactly match up with what he predicted in an article earlier in the week. We're not sure what happened there.

Here's a look at Bilas' bracket. He actually still has all of his Elite Eight teams, but to be honest, so do most people. The tournament has been very chalky this year.

Bilas somehow picked 14 games wrong in the first round. He finished 18/32, which would put you at the bottom of pretty much every pool you could enter.

Jay Bilas did not have a good bracket in the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

Jay Williams, meanwhile, has a bracket in the 98th percentile.

The action continues Sunday afternoon. We'll see if Bilas can improve his rank.