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Jay Williams Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked

Earlier today, Jay Williams' Twitter account posted a message of congratulations for recently-hired Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. While the intent of the message seemed genuine, its contents were overwhelmingly false.

Williams celebrated Udoka as the "first head coach of color" in Celtics franchise history.

“The first head coach of color for the Celtics… & even more importantly… he is one talented individual who has paid his dues,” the ESPN analyst tweeted.

Bill Russell, Tom Sanders, K.C. Jones, M.L. Carr and Doc Rivers all came before Udoka with that distinction.

Just moments after multiple people rushed to the replies to correct Williams' mistake, the tweet was quickly deleted. After receiving relentless backlash over the past few hours, Williams shared a message about the earlier tweet.

"As it relates to the Boston Celtics tweet that came from my account a couple of hours ago… I did not post that & my passcode has now been changed," he wrote.

Based on the replies to this tweet, fans from around the basketball world aren't buying this excuse.

On one side of things, this "hacker" explanation doesn't make much sense. Why would a hacker break into Williams' account just to share one congratulations post with a glaring factual error?

But on the other hand, it's hard to believe someone with Williams' basketball knowledge could mess up this badly. Failing to do proper research about the Celtics' Black coaches of the past is one thing, but forgetting the fact that Doc Rivers led the Boston franchise from 2004-13 is a whole different story -- especially since Williams played in the Eastern Conference just two years before Rivers was hired.

If Williams is being truthful, this is a tough break for the basketball analyst. If he's not, he should just own up to his mistake.