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Jay Wright Reveals If He'd Consider Coaching In The NBA

Jay Wright cutting down the net for Villanova.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 16: Head coach Jay Wright of the Villanova Wildcats cuts down a piece of the net after the 74-72 win over the Seton Hall Pirates during the Big East Championship Game at Madison Square Garden on March 16, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Jay Wright is leaving the door to coaching in the NBA wide open.

The former college basketball head coach made a stunning announcement earlier this month that he's walking away from his role at Villanova. However, he's not ruling out an eventual return to coaching — in the NBA.

Wright told ESPN's Keyshawn, JWill & Max on Tuesday that transitioning from college to the NBA is something he's always considered. He won't make the move right now, but it's something he's going to keep on the back of his mind.

"Right now I definitely need a break," Wright said Tuesday, via Bleacher Report. "Right now I'm looking forward to this [special assistant] position at Villanova. But honestly, down the road, I'd be lying—I don't know what I'm going to feel like."

Wright previously admitted that he stepped away from his role at Villanova because he lacked the fire he once had.

It's possible changes to the sport - including NIL and the transfer portal - influenced his decision.

"I started to feel like I didn't have the edge that I've always had," Wright said during a press conference last week.

A year off could be all Wright needs to get that fire back. When he does, don't be surprised if he starts flirting with the idea of coaching in the NBA.