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Sports World Reacts To Jeff Van Gundy's Saturday Night Performance

NBA analysts Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

Few sports broadcasters seem to get more people talking on social media than Jeff Van Gundy. The longtime NBA coach turned broadcaster was on the call for Saturday night's primetime game on ABC.

The Miami Heat took on the Los Angeles Lakers in Saturday night's national showcase on ABC. The Heat beat the Lakers, 96-94, to get one of their biggest wins of the season in an NBA Finals rematch.

Unsurprisingly, Van Gundy had a lot of people talking about his performance on Saturday night.

Van Gundy called out Lakers fans for complaining too much about the officiating.

"Jeff Van Gundy saying the Lakers been complaining all game as we watch a replay of Caruso getting called for a foul because Nunn ran into Bam is hilarious," one fan tweeted.

Van Gundy also seemed perplexed by the idea of having video to watch on an iPad, something that has been a part of sports for several years now.

Other fans, meanwhile, appreciated how Van Gundy went about calling out LeBron and the Lakers for their complaining.

The Dallas Mavericks will take on the Brooklyn Nets in next week's primetime game on ABC. That contest will tip off at 8:30 p.m. E.T. on Saturday, Feb. 27.