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Jimbo Fisher Continues To Sound Off On "Complete Lies"

A closeup of Jimbo Fisher on the Florida State sideline.

DURHAM, NC - OCTOBER 14: Head coach Jimbo Fisher of the Florida State Seminoles watches on during their game against the Duke Blue Devils at Wallace Wade Stadium on October 14, 2017 in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Jimbo Fisher continued to push back against allegations of Texas A&M paying players.

In his first public comments since Thursday's heated press conference, the Texas A&M head coach criticized "complete lies" about the program buying recruits through NIL deals. This time, he directed his frustrations toward the media, rather than Alabama head coach Nick Saban, during a tense interview with KSAT's Ken Simmons (h/t Brad Crawford of 247Sports). 

"I just researched this. Of the 11 guys we have in place that came early, one guy has an NIL deal," Fisher said. "So all of these stories you’re hearing are complete lies."

Fisher deflected questions about Saban's motivations, instead putting the pressure on circulated rumors he insists are false.

"Did you guys not research? I’m asking you, did you do your research? No, see, you can’t answer. So you just assumed," Fisher said. "And that’s the way this world goes now: As soon as it’s written on social media and someone says it, you believe it. So where does that put you guys as reporters?

“What’s the truth? Nobody wants the truth. You want a story and a click and a hit."

Fisher also said he's "not talking" to Saban and didn't hear his apology on SiriusXM radio.

"I should have never singled anybody out," Saban said Thursday. "That was a mistake and I apologize for that part of it."

KSAT only aired the first segment of a two-part interview, but Fisher seemed careful to sidestep most inquiries related to Saban in the four minutes shared Sunday.